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Devona Natalie Boone is an author and founder of the non-profit organization, Precious G.E.M.S Inc. Her mission is to empower young girls by teaching them resilience, promote positive self- awareness, sisterhood and the power that is within. Through her organization, Devona found her voice and courage to share her story in hopes of offer strength, healing and hope to other women.


When Devona Natalie Boone was just 10 years old, she witnessed her mother’s murder.  Eunice Natalie Boone was stabbed multiple times by an abusive boyfriend while Devona watched in extreme fear.  Devona was with her mother until her very last breath.  After the tragedy, Devona was overcome with sadness, worry, and grief and she was unsure of what was next for her.


Devona has fought to become a woman of grace and resilience through life’s difficult moments where she has had to take a self-examination of the impact she wanted to make in the lives of others. 31 years of building courage, 31 years of self- discovery, 31 years of healing, 31 years of recovery, 31 years of perseverance, has led Devona to this moment. Being a self-published author to her memoir, A Precious GEM: The Journey of My Shaping it is aimed to help those who have dealt with low self-esteem, feelings of shame and failure in life, and the fear of growth.


We all have a journey but we all must learn to travel through it with grace!


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